I am Mary Tawfall. I am artist working in clay and metal. I have a desire to create or more accurately a need to create. Its a primal instinct that I will no longer crush. I am an addict to the process of creating objects of desire by hand. I love the sensation of beholding a piece of art I fabricate from raw materials. I cherish the callouses that I sometimes get from working on a project, much like a guitar player’s calloused fingers. I don’t mind that my fingers get wrecked by clay or metal. Secretly, I am proud of them. It is proof that energy and creativity are flowing through my hands.


I love drawing , but I also love art you can feel with your hands. It’s a sensual experience. In my early twenties I lost the vision in my right eye. I awoke one morning with a torn drape over my right eye’s center of vision. A retinal tear during my sleep. Usually, an elderly problem. An eye buckle was wrapped around my broken eye in surgery. The left retina was also tearing slowly. My doctor repaired it with lasers. For a decade my right eye was mostly useless for detail work. I could see, but everything visual was distorted. It’s still distorted, but less. My eyes are exactly why I make art for your hands.


I was born in Bangkok. I was raised in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, and the Mark Twain forest of southeast Missouri. The landscape of these places shaped me deeply. They are forever a part of me. I fell in love with the Pacific Ocean- the smell, the deep ever changing blues, bitter winds, and rocky beaches. I had to be near it. Like a possessive lover I moved to Santa Cruz, California. Then I moved to Los Angeles. Disoriented. It took a long time, years, for me to understand Los Angeles’s and Southern California’s typography. The city, the desert, the mountains, the heat, the bright sky were sensations I never knew. After many many years I love this terrain and its people. The desert and mountains are calling me constantly, and I love nothing more than to explore, camp, and hike them with my girlfriend.


My work is inspired by landscapes urban and wild that I love.   

-Peace, Mary